Developer Spotlight: April

Julian Cuevas, Product Owner • Bogotá, Colombia

In this month’s Developer Spotlight, we hear from Julian Cuevas, a Product Owner at Yellow Pepper where he is currently in charge of leading the process of creating mobile payment and banking solutions for banks in Latin America. Cuevas considers himself a computer scientist with a wide range of experiences spanning all fields of software development.

HackerX: Tell us a little more about yourself and what you do.

Cuevas: I’m the owner and director of mobile financial projects in Latin America. I develop the roadmap and supervise the development, testing, and deployment of mobile apps and APIs used by bank customers in Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Mexico. In my free time, I also take on some freelance development jobs every now and then in Golang, React Native, and native mobile.

HackerX: How was your HackerX experience?

Cuevas: I got an invite to the Bogotá event and decided to check it out. I thought the speed dating concept was interesting and that it would be a good place to check out the hiring landscape in my area. I’m also always interested in networking, and at the event you get to talk shop with people that are actually interesting instead of just HR people that ask for 5 years of experience on a language published 3 years ago (this actually happened to me a while back).

HackerX: What were you expecting from an event like ours and were your expectations met?

Cuevas: I was looking forward to opportunities to interact with leading companies in my area. I got to meet many interesting companies and to find out more about what they were working on that night, so I definitely achieved my main objective of attending a HackerX event.

HackerX: Did attending a HackerX event help you in any other way?

Cuevas: Besides helping me find out more about companies around me who are looking for people like me, attending the event also helped me build out my peer network and practice my interviewing skills. I also got a few callbacks from companies that I chatted with that night, 3 to be exact — 2 from startups, and 1 from the host company.

HackerX: Our concept turns the hiring and networking process on its head, and is a huge shift from the traditional method. Can you explain your understanding of HackerX in a tweet (140 characters or less)?

Cuevas: Meet local tech companies interested in hiring great talent.”

HackerX, Bogotá // February, 2017

HackerX: That was short and succinct! Would you recommend HackerX to others, and what tips and advice would you give future attendees?

Cuevas: Definitely! Just be open to everything, and don’t expect formal job offers. Because even if no opportunity actually materializes, you get a lot of tips and maybe even little nudges as to where the industry is going in your area of expertise and that is always a good thing to know. Besides, there’s the added bonus of free food and a chance to hang out with cool people. I really don’t see a reason not to go.

Cuevas is versed in Java, Golang, JS, Elixir, Obj-C, and Swift. Ask him about the mobile banking apps he’s worked on to help thousands of people manage their assets on the go. He is available and open for future opportunities and chats. You may also check him out on LinkedIn and Github.

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