Oracle + NetSuite Barcelona Incorporates HackerX into Hiring Strategy


Following the completion of Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite last year, Oracle NetSuite is now even more of a powerhouse that is growing more than 30% year over year, both in revenue and employee count.

Ondrej Juricka, Lead Technical Recruiter and Chris Slupski, Director of Engineering, share with us more about what it is like to recruit for a global organization and how incorporating HackerX into their hiring strategy has impacted their recruitment.

First of all, tell us a little more about Oracle + NetSuite.

Oracle + NetSuite pioneered the cloud computing revolution in 1998 and established the world’s first company dedicated to delivering business applications over the internet in SaaS model. Today, the Oracle + NetSuite Global Business Unit provides a suite of cloud-based Omni-channel Commerce, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Financials and HCM (HR) software that runs the business of companies in more than 100 countries.

Our Spain office is based in the heart of Barcelona, and our team is comprised of talented and driven individuals — Engineers, Product Managers, UX Designers, and Technical Writers. All of whom tackle tough challenges to help fast-growing, mid-size organizations achieve their business goals.

You guys have partnered with HackerX for a number of times. Can you share some of your HackerX experiences?

We started with a couple of HackerX events back in the days. We were successful in making a hire from our first event, and we then organized a private event for our 3rd collaboration with Hacker X. In total, we’ve partnered with HackerX five times and we’ve already made four hires and countless of great connections.

Why did you choose to repeatedly be part of HackerX?

We had solid hiring results, and loved the opportunity to meet local talent. It’s a great way to grow our network and of course, a useful avenue to spread the word about our awesomeness!

Would you participate again? Why?

Definitely, meeting interesting people with wide variety of skills is always important for us. So hopefully in the future, we will be able to meet many more talented developers and build more personal relationships.

Why should other employers consider being a part of HackerX?

Whether it’s hosting, attending or organizing public event, it’s a great way to meet lots of people you probably haven’t met yet. And based on our experience, chances are high that they can become your colleagues.

“[Hosting] creates a feeling of transparency and is a great start to building honest candidate-company relationship from a very early stage.”

Do you have any tips and advice for other companies who might be thinking of taking part in HackerX?

Hosting an event was the best way to achieve maximum exposure. Candidates can see where they’d actually work, who are the people in the team, and what the environment is like — this creates a feeling of transparency and is a great start to building honest candidate-company relationship from a very early stage.

Oracle + NetSuite is always on the lookout for talented and diverse people to join their team. If you like building solutions that transforms thousands of businesses, continuous growth and improvement, and a family-like and winning culture, then you want to consider joining the dynamic team at Oracle + NetSuite.



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